Maximize campaign performance for your clients like never before

We know that your success as an agency depends on efficiency and effectiveness. We help you verify risky emails at scale so you maximize results for your clients and grow your business.

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Effortless client fulfillment so you can focus on growth

Managing client campaigns successfully is tough. Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly validate risky catch-all emails safely for your clients so that your time and energy can be invested in driving your client’s success.

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Accelerate lead generation for your clients

Time is crucial for lead generation. Our risky email validation tool swiftly filters data to find viable leads and untapped revenue, unlocking 42% more opportunities for your clients.

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Tailored agency solutions for your unique needs

Every agency is different. We offer custom solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether it’s providing personalized support, blending seamlessly with your current tech stack, or delivering insightful analytics, our platform adapts to your business. 

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Scrubby complements your existing tech stack seamlessly

Scrubby complements, not replaces, your existing tech stack. Traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of emails, sorting them into invalid and valid categories. Scrubby offers an additional layer of verification for your “risky” emails that existing tools can’t classify effectively for 2X more effective campaigns.

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