Validate all your risky emails safely at scale

Double your list size and revenue safely with the only email validation tool for risky catch-all emails. No more stress about burning your domain or having your account shut down.

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Scrubby complements ALL SMTP-based email tools such as MillionVerifier, ZeroBounce and NeverBounce. By validating email addresses in your list, Scrubby ensures your messages hit the right inbox every time. Enjoy better engagement, response rates, and ROI.

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Harness the power of risky or catch-all email validation

No more stale data. With Scrubby, enjoy the results of your full email list. Stay ahead of your competitors – accurate list delivers more successful campaigns.

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Helping companies of all sizes scale and drive more revenue

Email validation for Enterprises

We offer scalable and flexible plans to support all your custom needs as an enterprise business. We’ve helped several enterprise clients ranging from Oracle to IBM to maximise their business results.

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Email validation for Agencies

Whether you’re looking to accelerate lead gen for your clients or run campaigns more efficiently, we offer custom agency solutions to fit your unique needs.

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All your email campaign needs in one place

From validating addresses to discovering hidden opportunities, protecting your domain, and optimizing your lists, we’ve got you covered.

Unmatched Email Validation

Scrubby’s risky email validation service identifies and filters out your invalid email addresses for improved deliverability rates and less risk of being flagged as spam. Accurate lists = more successful campaigns. 

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Email Finder

Our email finder tool uncovers hidden email addresses, allowing you to connect with potential leads you might otherwise miss. Expand your reach, broaden your audience, and capitalize on every opportunity.

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Email Validation Test

Don’t leave your email campaigns to chance. Our extensive email validation test service checks every aspect of your email list, ensuring you have the best shot at success.

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How it works

1. Submit your catch-all or risky email list

After building your lead list, you can submit the file into our platform to start the process using the only tool that can validate risky emails.

2. We scrub your catch-all lead list

Scrubby sends actual blank emails at scale to your recipients list to validate your list of email addresses. 

3. Receive back your lead list in 48-72 hours

Our email list validation service waits 48-72 hours before giving you your lead list back as some emails can bounce up to 2 days after sending. 

Optimize your campaign efficiency with Scrubby, beginning with an offer of 100 complimentary credits.

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High or low confidence list –
Scrubby 3x your results with no effort

In total you will get 4x more valid emails

Using only first layer high-confidence list, would give you 40K valid emails. Using both, high and low confidence lists together, you will get 4x out of your regular campaign!

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Scrubby complements your existing tech stack seamlessly

Scrubby complements, not replaces, your existing tech stack. Traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of emails, sorting them into invalid and valid categories. Scrubby offers an additional layer of verification for your “risky” emails that existing tools can’t classify effectively for 2X more effective campaigns.

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