Scrubby’s Mission 

Empower email campaigns with optimized email lists and validation

“At Scrubby, we champion the forefront of email precision and validation. Our commitment goes beyond tools; we aim to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their email campaigns. By ensuring list integrity, we lay the foundation for campaign success and measurable growth”

– CEO of Scrubby, Erik Paulson

Who We Are

Welcome to Scrubby, a pivotal part of Vendisys Lead Generation Agency. At Scrubby, we are tech-oriented enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds united by a common mission—to refine and enhance email validation processes. Our team’s expertise is focused on developing innovative solutions that tackle the core challenges faced by entrepreneurs today: ensuring data accuracy, usability, and relevance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our users with the most accurate and up-to-date data – risky emails validated to the max, free from the risks associated with catch-all and outdated email addresses. We aim to transform your email lists into powerful tools for connection and growth, ensuring every email you send reaches its intended destination without fail.

Our Vision

At Scrubby, we envision a world where lead generation is seamlessly efficient, entirely dependable, and consistently beneficial. We strive to eliminate the common hurdles of risky emails, useless data, and the need for inbox warm-ups. With Scrubby, you step into the Vendisys ecosystem, where every aspect of lead generation is integrated and optimized for your success.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to double your list size and revenue safely. We provide exclusive solutions that protect your domain’s integrity while maximizing your outreach potential. Scrubby stands out as the only email validation tool designed specifically for managing risky catch-all emails, ensuring that your marketing efforts are never compromised.

Our Flagship Products on top of Scrubby

Enhance your email list’s accuracy with our unique waterfall integration process. We layer multiple data sources from top providers, catching what others miss, and ensuring maximum richness and precision in your data.

Revolutionize your email deliverability with our cutting-edge inbox warm-up solution. Utilize our private network of headless browsers and AI to achieve better open rates and more booked meetings within just 14 days.

Competitive Analysis & Monitoring: Tap into high-intent, high-converting sales opportunities from your competition, and turn insights into actionable strategies.

Drive more pipeline and revenue at scale with our results-only model. Vendisys is your ultimate lead generation partner, covering all aspects of data and lead generation needs.

Join the Innovation

Experience the power of a fully integrated lead generation ecosystem with Scrubby and Vendisys. Elevate your marketing strategies, enhance your data reliability, and achieve unprecedented growth.Welcome to the future of email validation and lead generation.

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