Integrating MillionVerifier & Scrubby: A Comprehensive Overview

Boost your email validation process by integrating Scrubby with MillionVerifier

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The business world has borne witness to unprecedented challenges that have only reinforced the need for robust, reliable data. Insights from high-quality data can unlock the understanding of customer behavior, emergent market tendencies, and evolving industry dynamics. It’s the bedrock upon which sales, marketing, and growth strategies rest. However, with the sheer volume of data circulating daily, there’s a real risk of harvesting low-grade information, leading to decisions that might impede growth.

Transitioning from broad data insights to the more specialized realm of email marketing, the importance of data accuracy becomes even more pronounced. But, there’s a catch: the ephemeral nature of email data. An email address valid today could be redundant tomorrow, given the swift and unpredictable decay rate of such information. And since email remains the premier marketing conduit, engaging over 4 billion global users, maintaining a pristine email list isn’t just advisable—it’s imperative. This underscores the importance of email validation tools, which stand as guardians ensuring your email lists remain current, valid, and ready to deliver on their ROI promise. In this ever-shifting landscape email validators collectively ensure that data not only informs but amplifies business success.

Maximizing Lead Potential: The Role of Email Validation

Standard email validation tools categorize your email lists into three segments: Valid Emails, Accept/Catch All Emails, and Invalid Emails. Often, only about half of these emails prove to be valid, with the remainder falling into the catch-all or invalid categories. Remarkably, 40-50% of B2B email lists are characterized as risky due to their association with catch-all domains. These are domains that SMTP-based validation services, such as MillionVerifier, find challenging to validate. Such emails come with a bounce rate ranging from 7-25%, potentially jeopardizing your domain’s deliverability and credibility if used in campaigns.

A common practice for many marketers is to exclude these emails entirely from their campaigns, essentially sidelining nearly half of their lead list. Neglecting to validate these high-risk emails means sidelining a substantial portion of your potential leads.

This is where Scrubby comes in.

Scrubby to Complement MillionVerifier

For optimal email deliverability, tools like MillionVerifier identify and remove ineffective email addresses. However, uncertain addresses, such as catch-alls, require further verification. Pairing MillionVerifier with Scrubby allows users to thoroughly vet these addresses, ensuring a higher-quality mailing list.

“While many tools can clarify a path, few can illuminate the destination. At Scrubby, we’re proud to say we do both. Unlike standard SMTP-based tools that merely identify catch-all or risky emails, Scrubby offers genuine validation. Our unparalleled validation accuracy is more than just a feature—it’s a commitment to our partners. Every email validated through Scrubby isn’t just a data point, it’s a potential game-changer for businesses aiming for results.”

CEO of Scrubby, Erik Paulson

Effortlessly Integrate Scrubby with MillionVerifier for Optimal Email Validation

Linking Scrubby with MillionVerifier streamlines your email validation process, creating a powerful alliance that enhances the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. This integration combines Scrubby’s sophisticated email risk assessment with MillionVerifier’s extensive validation capabilities to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Explore our integration tutorial on YouTube for a straightforward guide on how to seamlessly integrate these two platforms. The tutorial simplifies each step of the process, ensuring that users of all technical backgrounds can easily set up and benefit from this integration.

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For those who prefer detailed, text-based instructions, our comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is available to guide you through every phase.

By integrating Scrubby’s capabilities to identify and manage risky emails with MillionVerifier’s thorough email validation techniques, you’re set to significantly enhance the deliverability and effectiveness of your email campaigns. This collaboration not only ensures a cleaner email list but also minimizes bounce rates and maximizes email campaign engagement.

Take advantage of this integration to maximize the potential of your email marketing strategies. Unite the dynamic features of Scrubby and MillionVerifier today and experience a marked improvement in your campaign performance and user engagement.

MillionVerifier Solutions in 2023

  • Email Checker: MillionVerifier offers reliable email verification, emphasizing accuracy.
  • Email List Verification: Input your email lists into MillionVerifier and receive a cleaned and organized CSV.
  • Bulk Email Verifier: For larger lists, MillionVerifier provides bulk email verification services.
  • Integrations Import: MillionVerifier integrates with 20 major email marketing platforms.
  • Email Verifier API: MillionVerifier’s API allows real-time subscriber email verification.
  • Automated Email Verification – EverClean: EverClean keeps email lists updated and clean by verifying your emails every day or every week.

Where Scrubby Comes In

After isolating catch-all emails through MillionVerifier’s SMTP validation process, it’s strategic to maximize their value. Given that potential spam or risk markers can affect up to half of a typical email list, integrating Scrubby can optimize your campaign’s reach.

Scrubby specializes in authenticating high-risk emails, which are often sidelined by conventional verification tools. The recommended procedure involves first utilizing MillionVerifier to identify these uncertain addresses. Subsequently, Scrubby conducts a rigorous verification by sending test emails using specialized accounts, yielding real-time data on address validity.

With its precise methodology, Scrubby guarantees a remarkable 98.7% accuracy in identifying non-deliverable emails. Employing Scrubby equates to enhancing the precision and dependability of your email campaign, leading to improved marketing and sales outcomes. Optimize your campaign efficiency with Scrubby, beginning with an offer of 100 complimentary credits.

Scrubby: Your Email Campaign’s Secret Weapon

For effective email marketing, the integration of tools like MillionVerifier and Scrubby is essential. MillionVerifier ensures the preliminary cleanliness of your email list, and Scrubby further refines it by verifying uncertain addresses. This combination offers an enhanced email marketing approach. Consider integrating both for a more streamlined and efficient email marketing process.

Seamless Integration

Scrubby integrates with all email validation tools through Zapier. The user needs to use these applications first, and then give Scrubby the risky emails to validate. Additionally, for those requiring automation, Scrubby offers an API.

How Scrubby Streamlines Email Validation

Optimizing your catch-all or unknown emails is a streamlined three-step process with Scrubby.

Step 1: Start by curating your lead list using database providers like Apollo and proceed to validate them using SMTP-based tools such as MillionVerifier. This will classify your emails into valid, invalid, and catch-all categories.

Step 2: Next, funnel these catch-all or unknown emails through Scrubby. For validation, Scrubby dispatches blank emails to these addresses, providing an efficient method for assessing their legitimacy.

Step 3: Await Scrubby’s results over the next 24-72 hours. Keep in mind that some emails may bounce up to two days post-sending.

Voilà! You now possess a curated list distinguishing between valid, risky-valid, and invalid emails, paving the way for an impactful campaign.

Scrubby’s Features List

  • Verification for bulk email addresses
  • Improved lead list quality
  • Dependable and precise results
  • Enhanced email campaign effectiveness
  • Comprehensive insights into email address status
  • Detailed checks for potential bounces
  • Efficient tracking of bounce rates
  • Adaptability for sales and marketing strategies
  • 100 free credits for initial users

Scrubby Use-Case for MillionVerifier


In a recent deep dive, conducted in August 2023, we sampled 100,000 email contacts from Apollo. Running these through the SMTP-based email validation tool, MillionVerifier, they identified catch-all and unknown emails but they cannot verify them. This is where Scrubby steps in, filling that essential gap and bringing you 2-3X more business.

Out of our starting batch of 100,000 emails tested with MillionVerifier, 34% (34,255) were tagged as valid. Another 5% (4,985) were marked invalid – the ones most marketers would usually sideline to avoid bounces that can harm their domain reputation.

A whopping 57% (57,202) were labeled as unknown or catch-all by MillionVerifier. Even though Apollo had them in its “verified” bucket, their bounce likelihood is somewhere between the valid and invalid groups.

When we passed these 57,000 so-called risky emails through Scrubby, we found that an impressive 92% (52,625) were actually valid, leaving just 8% (4,576) bouncing back as invalid. Most marketers might think twice about using risky emails to protect their domain’s good reputation. But here’s the catch: sidestepping these could mean missing out on over 52% of contacts, more than half of the initial list.

Thanks to Scrubby’s precision, the initial 34% valid emails ballooned to an impressive 87% (86,880) validation rate. This translates to a 2.5-fold increase in viable leads, presenting a substantial boost in potential business engagement and return on investment.

Scrubby Pricing Tailored for Every Need

Experience Scrubby with 100 complimentary credits available for all new sign-ups, valid for your first 7 days. Discover the versatility of our platform and how it can streamline your email validation process.

Embrace efficiency with our Starter subscription plan, starting at just $27 a month. This plan equips you with 1,000 email validation credits, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. For larger organizations, our corporate and enterprise tiers offer up to 1 million credits at competitive rates, dropping to as low as 1 cent per credit. Select from our structured plans or reach out to our customer support for a custom solution tailored to your needs.

For those whose validation needs fluctuate, our Pay As You Go Model offers the ultimate flexibility—purchase the exact number of credits you require with no additional commitments. Plus, by choosing a monthly subscription, you could save up to 33%, making it a smart choice for consistent savings.

FAQs on MillionVerifier and Scrubby

Can I use MillionVerifier for free?

Initial use of MillionVerifier is free, with subsequent plans starting at $15 per month or at only $37 for one time use.

Is MillionVerifier’s accuracy reliable?

Yes, MillionVerifier has a reported accuracy rate of up to 99%.

What is Scrubby’s role?

While MillionVerifier uses SMTP validation, it might not verify all Catch-All emails. Scrubby provides additional verification with a 98.7% accuracy rate on uncertain addresses.

What is an email verification tool?

An email verification tool removes inactive or false emails from a mailing list, ensuring a higher rate of successful email delivery.

How does Scrubby improve email deliverability?

By verifying the validity of each email, Scrubby improves deliverability and protects sender reputation.

Why is email validation important for campaigns?

Validation ensures a higher success rate for email campaigns by ensuring that more emails are delivered successfully. With Scrubby, even high-risk emails can be verified for legitimacy.

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