Blacklist Monitoring

No more stress about burning domains or account shutdowns

Blacklist Monitoring keeps your email list healthy. Combine your favorite risky verification tool to identify. potential threats with Scrubby to ensure your emails are always delivered seamlessly

Scrub your list

Proactively monitor your email list to protect your IP reputation

If blacklisted, your domain or IP can take a huge hit and impact your email deliverability. Blacklist monitoring ensures you stay off these lists, proactively protecting your emails from getting compromised and notifying you in advance before it’s too late.

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Scrubby complements your existing tech stack seamlessly

Scrubby complements, not replaces, your existing tech stack. Traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of emails, sorting them into invalid and valid categories. Scrubby offers an additional layer of verification for your “risky” emails that existing tools can’t classify effectively for 2X more effective campaigns.

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