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Scrubby works complementary with all email validation tools

Don’t leave your email campaigns to chance. Scrubby’s comprehensive email validation ensures you have the best shot at success.

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No more going into email campaigns blind

We transform your campaign strategy from a guessing game into a science. Our email validation tool ensures that every email you send is designed to maximize engagement and deliverability.

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Identify potential issues early before it’s too late

Catch-all emails could impede the performance of your campaigns and send your emails to spam. Scrubby ensures your emails adapt seamlessly across all devices and email providers, making sure your message always reaches your audience.

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Never worry about your sender’s reputation again

Consistent risky email validation protects you against potential harm to your sender’s reputation and account shut-downs. By identifying and fixing issues proactively, you can avoid high bounce rates or spam complaints, protecting your reputation with Internet Service Providers.

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Scrubby complements your existing tech stack seamlessly

Scrubby complements, not replaces, your existing tech stack. Traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of emails, sorting them into invalid and valid categories. Scrubby offers an additional layer of verification for your “risky” emails that existing tools can’t classify effectively for 2X more effective campaigns.

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