FAQ #11

How does Scrubby work with my existing tech stack?

Scrubby.io has been designed to complement, not replace, your existing tech stack. Here’s how it fits seamlessly into your workflow. 

Most traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of email addresses, sorting them into valid and invalid categories. However, they often fall short when it comes to ‘risky’ emails, which are typically stored on catch-all servers that accept any email, regardless of whether the address exists or not.

Instead of replacing these tools, Scrubby.io works with them, offering an additional layer of verification for the ‘risky’ emails that your existing tools can’t confidently classify.

When your traditional tools label an email as ‘risky’, you can use Scrubby.io to perform a more detailed validation. We send actual blank emails at scale to these addresses, effectively testing whether they bounce or not. This ‘hard test’ provides real-time data and insights into the deliverability of these risky emails.

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