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Expand Your Reach with Connecting your Full Email List

IDENTIFY the catch-all or risky emails with your favorite email platforms and use Scrubby to validate those. Maximize your outreach and protect your senders reputation like never before.

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Unlock untapped revenue and missed opportunities for more ROI

Most email finder tools uncover hidden email addresses, but they are unable to verify the catch-all emails unlike Scrubby. Expand your reach and don’t miss out on valuable connections with leads you might otherwise miss.

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Risky emails can be your most valuable ones

Risky emails are often brushed aside by conventional validation tools and data providers or slapped with a low confidence score. Instead of discarding these risky emails, you should harness them to go from rejection to discovery, and turn risky emails into opportunities. 

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Scrubby complements your existing tech stack seamlessly

Scrubby complements, not replaces, your existing tech stack. Traditional tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo perform basic validation of emails, sorting them into invalid and valid categories. Scrubby offers an additional layer of verification for your “risky” emails that existing tools can’t classify effectively for 2X more effective campaigns.

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