72% Exclude Risky Contacts: Email Marketing’s Missed Opportunity

Struggling with low engagement rates on your B2B email campaigns? Inaccurate and risky email addresses within your lead generation efforts could be significantly impacting your results.

Effective B2B marketing relies on reaching qualified prospects and nurturing leads through targeted email campaigns. However, achieving high engagement rates often requires overcoming challenges like invalid email addresses that lead to bounces. Understanding the link between lead generation tools and their impact on email marketing strategies is crucial for optimizing campaign performance.

To gain deeper insights into these challenges, Scrubby recently surveyed B2B marketing professionals. The survey explored:

  • Preferred lead databases within the B2B space
  • Current email list verification practices
  • The critical role of email validation in enhancing campaign effectiveness

The findings shed light on current market trends and highlighted the transformative impact Scrubby’s innovative solutions can have on navigating the complexities of B2B email marketing. This blog explores the key survey takeaways and demonstrates how Scrubby can transform email marketing challenges into opportunities for significant growth and improved lead engagement.

Survey Insights Overview

Our recent survey, engaging with 67 dedicated B2B marketing professionals, has provided us with invaluable insights into the current landscape of email marketing and the strategic use of lead generation and validation tools. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve discovered:

  • Lead Databases

A significant majority, with over 59% of respondents, utilize Apollo for their B2B lead generation needs, closely followed by LinkedIn, used in approximately 48% of cases. This reflects a clear preference for platforms that offer robust networking and lead discovery capabilities.

  • Utilization Methods

When it comes to leveraging these lead databases, an overwhelming 85% of participants prefer on-demand usage with manual list uploads. This preference underscores the need for flexibility and control in managing lead data.

  • Email Verification Tools

Diverse tools are in play for email list verification, but our survey found that 40% of participants use MillionVerifier and 35% rely on ZeroBounce, making them the top choices among our respondents for email validation tools. Notably, 25% of respondents have integrated Scrubby into their email validation process, underscoring its rapidly growing reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

  • CRM and Outreach Tools

HubSpot emerges as the CRM of choice for a substantial 34% of marketers, indicating its widespread acceptance across various B2B marketing strategies. For email outreach, SmartLead and Instantly are prominent, showcasing the diversity in tools designed to optimize email communication.

  • Handling of Risky Emails

Prior to using Scrubby, a notable 72% of marketers opted to keep risky emails out of their campaigns, pointing to prevalent concerns over email deliverability and sender reputation.

  • Risky Email Volume:

The survey reveals that on average 40% of email lists, are comprised of risky or catch-all emails, highlighting a significant challenge for marketers in ensuring list quality.

  • Satisfaction with Scrubby

Reflecting on their experience with Scrubby, an impressive 76% of users rated their overall satisfaction as 4 or 5 out of 5, affirming Scrubby’s effectiveness and reliability in email validation. Complementing our survey findings, Scrubby boasts a stellar customer review rating of 5 out of 5 on G2, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback on Scrubby’s Application

Similarly, the feedback on Scrubby’s new application was overwhelmingly positive, with 78% of responses falling between 4 and 5 stars, demonstrating high user satisfaction and the application’s ease of use and efficacy, which we are very proud of.These insights not only reflect the evolving dynamics of email marketing but also the critical role of email validation in crafting successful B2B marketing strategies. As we delve deeper into these findings, it becomes increasingly clear how Scrubby is at the forefront of transforming email marketing outcomes through unparalleled accuracy and user-focused solutions.

Addressing the Risky Email Challenge with Scrubby

Navigating the complexities of email marketing in the B2B sector, marketers frequently encounter the challenge of managing risky or catch-all emails. These addresses, making up an average of 40% of email lists, pose a significant risk to sender reputation and campaign effectiveness due to their uncertain nature. Prior to adopting Scrubby, our survey revealed a split in strategies among marketers: a significant 72% avoided these emails altogether, potentially missing out on valuable leads, while others took the risk, affecting their deliverability rates.

Recognizing the critical need for a reliable solution, Scrubby steps in with an innovative approach, offering an unprecedented 98% accuracy rate in email validation. This precision allows marketers to confidently leverage their entire email list, turning previously considered risky emails into valuable opportunities for engagement.

Scrubby’s Integrations and User Experience

Scrubby’s impact is further amplified through its seamless integration with popular lead databases and CRM platforms, a feature highly appreciated by our survey respondents. This integration, combined with the flexibility of manual list uploads and API options, ensures that Scrubby fits effortlessly into existing marketing workflows, enhancing efficiency without compromising on performance.

The feedback on Scrubby’s application has been overwhelmingly positive, with 78% of users rating it between 4 and 5 stars. This reflects not only Scrubby’s effectiveness in validating emails but also its ease of use, enabling marketers to focus on what truly matters: crafting compelling email campaigns that resonate with their audience.

Beyond Validation: A Trove of Insights for Marketers

Scrubby’s mission extends far beyond merely validating emails; we are committed to fundamentally empowering marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to excel. Our blog serves as a treasure trove of insights, covering a wide array of critical topics from “The Impact of Email Validation on Sender Reputation” to “Best Practices for Email List Cleaning,” and timely advice on “The Best Day to Send Email Newsletters.“Each post is carefully crafted with our audience’s success in mind, offering actionable strategies, in-depth analyses, and a deep dive into marketing best practices. Whether you’re exploring “A List of Free Email Services” or seeking to enhance your email marketing strategies, Scrubby’s blog is your go-to resource for reliable, expert advice.

Harnessing Real Success with Scrubby: Customer Testimonials

Discovering the tangible impact of Scrubby through the experiences of our customers offers the most compelling evidence of its value. Here are insights from three satisfied users who have witnessed firsthand how Scrubby revolutionizes email validation:

Connor D., a Small Business Owner, emphasizes Scrubby’s unmatched capability in validating catch-all emails, setting it apart from competitors. Unlike other services that resulted in a 10-20% bounce rate, Scrubby’s accurate validation translates directly into revenue for his email campaigns. Connor appreciates the ease of integration into his workflow but notes the premium price, suggesting its best use for high-potential campaigns.

Tom F., praises Scrubby for its user-friendly interface and flexible “pay as you go” credits system, allowing for immediate integration and adaptability to various campaign needs. While he desires faster processing, the quality results Scrubby delivers are undeniable, providing a high-quality final step in ensuring the safety of sending to catch-all emails.

Jacob R,. reports a 30% increase in valid emails on their list after using Scrubby, highlighting the efficiency and straightforwardness of the platform. This significant improvement means previously discarded emails are now valuable assets, with customer support being readily available for any inquiries.

These testimonials underscore Scrubby’s critical role in not just enhancing email list accuracy but also in contributing to the overall success of marketing campaigns. By turning potential challenges into opportunities for engagement, Scrubby stands as a pivotal tool for B2B marketers aiming to optimize their email strategies.For more positive reviews and customer success stories, check out Scrubby on G2.

Conclusion: Elevating Email Marketing with Scrubby

As we navigate the intricate world of email marketing, the journey from drafting to delivering impactful campaigns is burdened with challenges. Yet, with Scrubby at your side, these obstacles not only become manageable but also opportunities for growth and engagement. Through our innovative email validation solutions and a commitment to education and empowerment, Scrubby has redefined what’s possible in email marketing.

The insights from our survey and the testimonials from our valued customers underscore the transformative impact of Scrubby. From enhancing the accuracy of email lists to seamlessly integrating with your existing marketing tools, Scrubby provides an unmatched level of service and reliability. In today’s digital age, where email marketing continues to be a critical channel for reaching and engaging audiences, Scrubby stands out as not just a tool but a partner. We are committed to helping businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs not only navigate the complexities of email validation but also to thrive in their marketing endeavors.

Join us in embracing the future of email marketing, where risks are minimized, engagement is maximized, and success is not just a possibility but a guarantee. Book a call on Scrubby to start elevating your email marketing strategy and watch as your campaigns soar to new heights of effectiveness and return on investment.

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