NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Which Email Verification Tool Is Best?

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Most companies use email marketing campaigns to promote products or services to existing and prospective customers. However, to make these efforts effective, mailing lists must be clean and accurate, consisting of emails belonging to real individuals.

Email validation ensures your email reaches the right inbox and isn’t flagged as spam. By filtering out invalid email addresses, you can prevent email bounces and safeguard your sender’s reputation. 

Utilizing tools like NeverBounce or ZeroBounce can significantly reduce your email bounce rate by up to 90%.

If you combine these tools with Scrubby, our email verification solution, you can even go one step further and focus on so-called catch-all, accept-all or otherwise “risky” addresses, which most other tools mark as invalid. This way, you can get the most out of your mailing lists. 

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In this article, we will compare NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce apps to help you determine the appropriate tool for your needs. We will also explain why Scrubby is a better alternative to these solutions. 

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What is NeverBounce?

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NeverBounce is a service that helps verify your email lists and improve your deliverability. 

It uses a proprietary algorithm to check the validity of each email address and remove invalid, inactive, or spammy ones. By using NeverBounce, you can reduce your bounce rate, increase your open rate, and save money on email marketing campaigns.

What about the second tool we will compare in this article – ZeroBounce? What is it, and what it offers? Let’s explain in the following section.

What is ZeroBounce?

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ZeroBounce is an email verification platform that helps you improve deliverability and marketing campaigns. 

ZeroBounce checks email addresses for validity, spam traps, abuse, and other quality issues that can affect your sender’s reputation and bounce rate. 

ZeroBounce ensures that your email list is clean and accurate and that your messages reach your customers’ inboxes.

Both tools are similar at first glance. What are their feature sets? How exactly do they compare and differ?

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: How they compare

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Now that we’ve introduced both services let’s examine their similarities and differences.

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Basic differences

Both solutions serve the same purpose and function similarly. However, ZeroBounce appears more advanced, offering a more comprehensive range of email verification and testing tools. 

Additionally, it enables users to gather complete email activity data, which is a feature that NeverBounce does not provide.

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: User rating

NeverBounce has a 4.4 rating on both G2 (131 reviews) and Capterra (44 reviews). 

ZeroBounce’s scores are slightly higher at 4.5 at G2 (314 reviews) and 4.7 at Capterra (420 reviews).

Let’s discuss the features of both tools. While they have unique functionalities, it appears that ZeroBounce has a slight advantage.

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Feature comparison

Here’s the feature set of NeverBounce:

  • Hybrid verification – real-time verification coupled with accept all detection
  • Mail server validation – advanced mail server verification using SMTP, among other means, to detect user identification problems
  • Free scrubbing – automatic removal of bad syntax and duplicate emails
  • Domain health check – you can check domains for live status and use DNS and Mail EX validation
  • High-risk detection – filter potentially harmful emails
  • Compatibility with B2B, B2C and international emails – you can use the tool to validate all kinds of emails, from small and big providers, all around the world
  • Bank-level security – NeverBounce ensures a high level of data security

ZeroBounce offers the following features:

  • Email bounce validator – allows you to detect emails that will bounce
  • Abuse email detection – finds accounts that frequently mark emails as spam to keep you from getting on the spam list
  • Spam trap detection – detect spam traps on your list
  • Disposable email check – find disposable, temporary email accounts to prevent needless bounces
  • Catch-all email check – identify catch-all domains
  • Toxic domain verifier – detects domains known for spam, abuse and sending messages created by bots
  • Gender identification – automatically identify the gender of the email recipients
  • Free email verifier – check whether an email address belongs to a free domain
  • MX record detection – check for a Mail Extender record for the domain, which indicates which mail server sends emails for that domain name
  • Email activity data – get detailed activity data to discover the best audience for your emails
  • ZeroBounce score – further validate catch-all emails and mark those that might be worth your attention
  • PCI, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant – ZeroBounce complies with various data privacy rules and partners with renowned cybersecurity companies
  • Email testing tools – testing helps ensure better deliverability
  • Blacklist monitoring – enables you to protect your domain, mail server reputation and IP address by alerting you when you’re blacklisted
  • Email finder – helps you discover actual email addresses your company can use in marketing campaigns

In addition to features, it’s important for a service to integrate well with other systems and solutions. What kinds of integrations do NeverBounce and ZeroBounce offer?

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Integrations

NeverBounce integrates with various tools and technologies, including Agile CRM, CleverReach, Cogito Forms, Formdesk, Hubspot, Zendesk, Wufoo, Zoho Forms, and Zoho CRM. The solution also provides a Zapier integration and a custom API.

ZeroBounce also offers a robust list of integrations, though the list seems shorter compared NeverBounce. It includes Salesforce, Asana, Cloudflare, Gmail, Hubspot, Magento, Shopify, and Slack. 

You can also use the Zapier integration or email validation and scoring APIs the company provides to connect to other solutions easily.

Customer support is another critical factor. How do both solutions compare in this regard?

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Customer support

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NeverBounce has a Help Desk portal where you can find solutions for concerns and answers to common questions. You can contact the company via email.

ZeroBounce offers detailed documentation that covers various topics. If you run into any problems, you can contact the support team via email or chat.

Both services provide adequate customer support, but is it worth the cost? To answer this question, we need to look at some pricing details.

ZeroBounce vs NeverBounce: Pricing

NeverBounce pricing depends on the number of validated emails, and there are two ways to calculate the price. 

You can use the pay-as-you-go model. The price starts at $0,008 per email for up to 10,000 addresses and gradually decreases with larger quantities of emails to validate. The lowest it gets to is $0,003 per email – when you have up to 1,000,000 addresses to validate. 

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the service and pay a monthly fee for an automated sync service that cleans your lists daily. The price starts at $10 per month with up to 1,000 emails and rises gradually to $999 when your email list has over 1,000,000 addresses. 

ZeroBounce offers similar pricing options. With the pay-as-you-go model, the more emails you want to validate, the lower the price – the first 100 addresses are free, which can be helpful for small businesses. After that, you pay $0,008 for up to 2,000 emails, and the price rises to $0,00225 when you have up to 1,000,000 to validate.

Depending on the number of emails, you can also pay a monthly subscription fee starting at $0,0075 – which translates into $15 if you validate 2,000 addresses monthly. The price goes up to $0,00191 if you validate over a million monthly emails.

Both companies also offer enterprise plans with custom pricing.

As you may have noticed, both services are pretty expensive. Nonetheless, considering alternative options, such as Scrubby, is essential. Let’s explain what it is and what it offers. 

What is Scrubby?

Scrubby is an email verification tool for catch-all, accept-all, or risky emails. It compliments SMPT-based email validation solutions and focuses on large-scale verification of risky emails. 

In other words, Scrubby allows you to validate emails other tools can’t precisely categorize, with a fantastic accuracy of 98,7%.

How does it work? 

You can start by using a different solution to perform the initial validation of your email list. Once you identify the catch-all addresses, you can import your recipient list into Scrubby and send emails via burner accounts to evaluate their validity. 

After waiting 24-72 hours to allow for bounced emails, Scrubby sends you a report to help you determine if the email addresses on your catch-all list have been verified.

Our thorough process ensures the generated email lists are precise and dependable, making them ideal for your communication or marketing campaigns.

What makes Scrubby unique

Here are some features that make Scrubby unique among other email verification tools.

We offer an email verification service that is highly efficient and reliable. Our advanced technology allows us to quickly process large volumes of email addresses and verify their existence. 

We take pride in delivering superior lead list quality and real-time information on the status of your emails, which sets us apart from other solutions.

We are committed to providing you with the utmost accuracy, so we take up to 72 hours to give you a complete list of verified emails. Our service boasts a high bounce detection rate, enabling you to understand your emails’ deliverability easily.

Scrubby eliminates disposable email addresses, saving you valuable time and money by preventing messages from being sent to recipients who won’t receive them. You can trust us to help you build a reliable email list that gets results.

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How Scrubby compares to NeverBounce

If you’re looking for an entry-level email validation tool to improve your deliverability, NeverBounce is a decent option. Unfortunately, it sometimes fails to detect risky emails correctly and may inaccurately flag legitimate email addresses as unsafe.

Scrubby is the ultimate tool to prevent such scenarios. With unparalleled accuracy and unbeatable deliverability, our solution is the perfect choice to meet all your needs. Trust Scrubby’s capabilities and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you are in good hands.

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How Scrubby compares to ZeroBounce

While NeverBounce is a decent email validation tool, ZeroBounce offers more comprehensive features and has received better user reviews. 

However, it’s important to note that ZeroBounce is still a general-purpose tool and may not provide the same precision as Scrubby regarding risky email addresses. 

For instance, while it can identify catch-all emails and assign a score to them, it may not validate them with the same level of accuracy.

NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce vs Scrubby: A quick overview

Let’s share a helpful comparison table summarizing the essential details about all three email verification services.

PlatformKey featureIdentifying or validating risky emailsPriceFree trial
ScrubbyEmail verification services for catch-all emailsScrubby is the only solution that can validate risky emailsStarts at $97 per month for 2,500 validation credits, and a credit rolloverYes, with 100 credits included
NeverBounceReal-time email verification and email cleaning serviceIdentifying risky emailsStarts at $0,008 per emailNo
ZeroBounceEmail verification platform to remove invalid, disposable, spam trap, abusive and other harmful email addressesIdentifying risky emailsStarts at $0,008 per emailYes

Five reasons to switch to Scrubby today

Here are five top reasons why you should consider switching to Scrubby:

  • User-friendly interface – Scrubby provides an excellent range of features in an easy-to-navigate interface
  • All-in-one pricing – Our company values transparency and has structured our pricing accordingly. We offer a seven days free trial and 100 credits so you can test out our service and experience all essential features.
  • Scrubby can validate risky emails – Scrubby validates risky email addresses, which sets us apart from other solutions that only allow identification
  • API access – Integrating Scrubby with other systems and solutions to improve your workflow is simple
  • Excellent customer support – You can always message us if you have concerns. We are always available to assist you.

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NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce: Final words

According to Litmus, email marketing can be a highly effective tool with an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 3600%. It means that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you can earn $36 in return.

To achieve good results, however, you need to ensure you’re sending your emails to real people who are active users. It’s essential to prevent your emails from ending up in spam folders or getting blocked, which could harm your reputation as a sender.

You can use email validation tools such as NeverBounce or ZeroBounce to ensure your emails are useful. While both tools are reliable, consider investing in Scrubby to enhance your email marketing strategies.

Scrubby focuses on risky emails and helps you verify your mailing lists with laser precision, maximizing your marketing effectiveness.

Interested in testing Scrubby? Sign up for our free trial and experience our unique features firsthand!

FAQs about NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce

Here are answers to some common questions regarding NeverBounce vs ZeroBounce.

Is NeverBounce accurate?

Most users agree that NeverBounce is a pretty accurate email validation service.

What is NeverBounce used for?

You can use NeverBounce to verify the email addresses on your lists to improve the deliverability of messages during essential marketing campaigns.

What is ZeroBounce email?

ZeroBounce is an email verification platform that helps businesses improve deliverability and marketing campaigns.

Who owns ZeroBounce?

The ZeroBounce company still owns the ZeroBounce tool. There’s no information available regarding a takeover or fusion of any kind.

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