Ensure your offer always reaches your ideal prospect

Risky Email Validation

Crafted the perfect offer for your ICP? Donโ€™t let that go to waste. Our email validation service identifies and filters out your invalid email addresses for improved deliverability rates and less risk of being flagged as spam. Accurate lists = more successful campaigns.

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Risky Email Finder

IDENTIFY the catch-all or risky emails with your favorite email platforms and use Scrubby to validate those. Maximize your outreach and protect your senders reputation like never before.

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Email Testing

Scrubby works complementary with all email validation tools. Don’t leave your email campaigns to chance. Scrubby’s comprehensive email validation ensures you have the best shot at success.

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Blacklist Monitor

No more stress about burning domains or account shutdowns. Blacklist Monitoring keeps your email list healthy. Combine your favorite risky verification tool to identify. potential threats with Scrubby to ensure your emails are always delivered seamlessly.

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Bulk Email List Cleaning

Email list cleaning is crucial for efficient outreach. Over time, your email list can become a jumbled mess of temporary addresses, inactive accounts, impersonal role-based emails, and misspelled addresses. These don’t just throw your campaign stats off balance, but they also hurt your sender reputation and drain valuable resources.

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Email List Scrubber

Think of stagnant emails as unnecessary noise cluttering your valuable data. Email List Scrubber weeds out such distractions, eliminating bounces, spam complaints, and bots. The result? An accurate list with real, engaged contacts, ready to interact and engage with your offer.

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